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March 15, 2018 Webinar

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Inventory Collaborative Development Plan

Update on the 2016 Collaborative Platform
Thu, Mar 15, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT


Presentation Materials

Download the webinar slides. Download the webinar slides

View a recording of the webinar (coming soon).


Each 2016 workgroup has 7 minutes to present:
  • Introduction to workgroup – co-leads and list of members
  • Structure of workgroup (e.g., any sub-groups)
  • Level of participation to-date
  • Planned methods and work focus areas
  • Probable contents of the beta inventory (Summer 2018)
  • Data that might become available for comment and schedule for this
  • High-level plans for projections (more about this next time)


All times EDT

12:00 Coordination (meteorology, alpha inventory release, schedule for beta, training in RTP)

12:10 EGUs

12:17 Non-EGU Point

12:24 Oil and gas sources (point and nonpoint)

12:31 Nonpoint

12:38 Onroad

12:45 Nonroad

12:53 Rail

1:00 Commercial Marine Vessels (CMV)

1:07 Fires

1:14 Biogenics

1:21 Wrap up

1:30 Conclude

Due to the limited amount of time to hear from all of the workgroups in one meeting, we do not expect there to be much time for live dialogue on this call. To address this, workgroup co-chairs should provide their emails for attendees to send any questions or comments and plan to collate these and provide answers on the Collaborative Wiki after the call.


  • 115 people attended including representatives from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Clark County Nevada, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Delaware, U.S. DOT, EPA, Florida, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, LADCO, Louisville, MARAMA, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, National Parks Service, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, OTC, Pennsylvania, Pima County, South Carolina, SEMCOG, SESARM, Shelby County, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, WESTAR, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


  • Please provide a link for these slides
    • The slides can be downloaded here
  • Can you provide a summary/schedule for when each group will be soliciting review/feedback from outside the workgroups?
    • We are working on an overall schedule for the beta version. Onroad activity data updates are due by end of May. Point emissions and matching updates are also due in late may.
  • Given that this is a MP effort, will all the WGs be looking at things like improving speciation like Jeff said fires will be doing?
    • Workgroups have the option of reviewing ancillary data that is important to their sector, but it is not mandatory

EGU Workgroup

  • Are the EGUs covered here the set of >=25 MW units, or all units in eGRID or NEEDS (e.g. muni RICE)?
    • (Eyth) All EGUs that are net providers to the grid (i.e. are in NEEDS) are covered by this group
    • (McDill) I believe the question refers to the fact that ERTAC EGU only addresses EGU units with >=25 MW. However, the 2016 platform will include all EGU sources and other sources that are in the NEEDS database. For the NE inventory and platform the CAMD NEEDS and EPA point sources were compared with ERTAC EGU, sources in NEEDS that were neither in the EPA nonEGU point or ERTAC EGU were included in the inventory as part of a separate point subsector called "small EGU". The crosswalk and split project that was mentioned as part of the EGU presentation is the process to identify and capture those missing points for inclusion in the 2016 inventory.

Non-EGU Point Workgroup

  • As part of the point source update can someone provide a status update on state NEI submissions? How many states submitted complete inventories? How many submitted just type A sources?
    • 48 states (all except KY and MA), DC, PR, 20 locals and 2 tribes submitted at least one facility for 2016 point sources. The submissions represent roughly 1/3 of the total non-airport facilities in the 2014NEIv2, and on average represent just over 70% of the total non-EGU point emissions.

Onroad Mobile Workgroup

  • What is the projected release date of MOVES2014b?
    • Summer 2018
  • Will MOVES2014b address .scr files interfering with anti-virus software?
    • Yes, this is addressed in MOVES2014b
  • Will MOVES2014b include more input options in the MOVES GUI for input files for NONROAD?
    • No changes will be made to the GUI in MOVES2014b