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Mobile Source Emissions Inventory Projections Project



For Wikiwestern containsU.S. documentationregional analysis using photochemical modeling for Regional Haze, WESTAR-WRAP is assisting state air agencies to review and, to the Westernextent Airnecessary Qualityand Studyfeasible, -revise Intermountainthe West2028 Datafuture Warehouseyear (IWDW-WAQS)mobile Project. Additionalsources Project(i.e., informationon-road, canoff-road equipment, rail, marine, and airport) emission inventory. The basis of the future year 2028 mobile source emission inventory will be foundthe on2014-2016 Modeling Collaborative 2016v1 future year 2028 inventory, with revisions per state agency input. The process allows participants to review and provide updates to these emissions inventories. Feedback and revisions to the IWDWinventories website may be incorporated into air quality modeling by the WRAP for regional photochemical modeling.