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camx and cmaq technical summary

CAMx v6.10 and CMAQ v5.0.2

Summary Technical Features

Features that are common to both models

  • Horizontal Modeling Domain - uniform grid spacing; inherits from met model
  • Vertical Layer Structure - variable sigma layer heights; inherits from met model
  • Boundary Conditions - downscale from global CTM

Science Options

Science/Configuration OptionCAMx v6.10CMAQ v5.0.2Details
NestingOne-way, Two-way, and Flexi-nestOne-way 
Horizontal Boundary Conditions   
Top Boundary Conditions No-mass exchange 
MeteorologyWRF-CAMx (Off-line)MCIP (Offline); WRF-CMAQ (On-line) 
Emissions2-D with SMOKE (Off-line); In-line plume rise2-D with SMOKE (Off-line); In-line plume rise; Other in-line options: lightning, windblown dust, biogenics, sea salt 
Plume-in gridGREASD (simple chemistry); IRON (complex chemistry)APT 
Gas-Phase ChemistryCB05, CB6, CB6r2, CB6 with iodine; Mechanism 10 (user defined); SAPRC99CB05 with active chlorine chemistry, CB05 with updated toluene mechanism, CB05 with air toxics; SAPRC99, SAPRC07 with updated toluene chemistry 
Gas-Phase Chemistry SolverEBI, IEH, LSODE/GearRosenbrock, EBI, SMV Gear 
Aqueous ChemistryRADM-AQRADM 
Aerosol ChemistryTwo-mode course/fine scheme (modal) and multi-sectional CMU scheme (sectional)AE5 (modal), AE6 (modal) with speciated crustal and other fine PM 
Aerosol ThermodynamicsISOROPEAISOROPEAv2 
Secondary Organic AerosolsSOAPCMAQ 
Other ChemistryMulti-phase Hg; Surface Chemistry/Re-emission ModelBi-directional Hg and NH3; Air toxics 
Dry Deposition11 category LULC (Wesely/Slinn), 26 category LULC (Zhang)Wesely; MOSAIC (land-use dependent deposition velocities) 
Wet DepositionScavenging model  
Horizontal AdvectionPPM, BottPPM, PPM-Yamo 
Horizontal DiffusionK-theory 1st order closureSingle eddy algorithm based on local wind deformation 
Vertical AdvectionImplicit backward-Euler (time) hybrid centered/upstream (space) solverPPM 
Vertical DiffusionK-theory, ACM2ACM2 
Integration Time Step   
Multi-ProcessingOpenMP; MPI; Hybrid OpenMP-MPIMPI 

Diagnostic Features

OptionCAMx v6.10CMAQ v5.0.2Details
Source TaggingOSAT; PSAT; GOAT; APCA;ISAM for O3 and PM 
Process AnalysisIPR, IRR, CPAIPR, IRR 
Sensitivity AnalysisDDM, HDDM, PM-DDMHDDM3D-PM 
TracersReactive Tracers (RTRAC)Sulfur tracking; Inert tracers