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2014_0818 DW Technical Team progress call


1. NEPA package implementation and transfer status

2. Prep for non-NEPA call test case kickoff meeting

Action items

1. Zac: finish 2008b file transfer to viking and external drives. (Aug. 20)

2. Rodger: finalize deliverables for AECOM’s modeling data request for 2008 base case, and deliver disks to Marco. (Aug. 22)

3. Dustin: implement mockups for Projects overview, Project Configuration, and Data Request web pages on 3SDW. Add non-NEPA fields to overview; add metadata for NEPA test cases and internal DW modeling studies. (Sept. 1)

4. Cassie: prepare non-NEPA data package and modeling specification sheets for non-NEPA prep call (prepare for call on Aug 26)

Next DW Technical Team call - Sept. 9 at 2pm MST.