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BC Sensitivity Modeling Results

CAMx Base 2011 version A GEOS-Chem Boundary Condition Simulation


We ran a CAMx sensitivity simulation derived from the 3SAQS 2011 Base version A CAMx (CAMx_3SAQS_Base11a) configuration in which we replaced the MOZART Initial and Boundary Conditions (ICBCs) with GEOS-Chem results. The CAMx 2011 GEOS-Chem ICBC sensitivity simulation (CAMx_3SAQS_Base11a_GCBC) is a boundary condition sensitivity to evaluate the change in model performance resulting from ICBCs downscaled from alternative Global Chemical-Transport Models (GCTMs). Other than the ICBC data, the configurations of the Base11a and Base11a_GCBC simulations are exactly the same.

The Base11a_GCBC simulation was instrumented to use the CAMx PM Source Apportionment Tool (PSAT) for tracking O3 and dust species from the five model boundaries (N, S, E, W, and top). Cursory model performance evaluation results, comparison to the Base11a simulation, and the PSAT O3 and dust tracers are presented below.


Table 1 presents summary results comparing monthly averaged daily

Table 3. Animations of Daily Max Concentrations for O3 and Dust Boundary Tracers

MonthTotal BCsWestEastNorthSouthTop
JanuaryO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 Dust
FebruaryO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 DustO3 Dust