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CAMx 2020 (2008-based) Projection Simulation

CAMx 2020 (2008-based) Projection Simulation


We ran CAMx using emissions projected to 2020 to estimate future air quality in the Western U.S. CAMx simulation Base2020a_08 was derived from simulation Base 2008 version B (Base08b). All of the modeling inputs in simulation Base2020a_08, with the exception of the emissions, are identical to simulation Base08b. We also used the same version and configuration of CAMx. Details of the 3SAQS 2008 modeling platform, including the base and future year emissions inventories, are in the 3SAQS 2008 modeling protocol.


Table 1 presents summary results comparing monthly averaged daily maximum 8-hour average O3 (MDA8) from simulations Base11a and Base11a_USGB. Bar plots compare MDA8 averaged for each month and annually across all of the AQS monitors in the 12-km domain and within each of the Western states. The delta plots in Figure 1 show the monthly and annual differences in MDA8 between the Base11a and Base11a_USBG simulations.