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Western U.S. regional analysis - emissions inventories for Regional Haze planning



WESTAR-WRAP is assisting air agencies from states and other groups conduct a review of the 2014v2 NEI. The process will allow participants to review and provide updates to the EPA inventories. Feedback from the workgroup and revisions to the inventories may be used to augment upcoming air quality modeling by the WRAP for the 2014 modeling year.


The Workgroup will review EPA's 2014v2 NEI following a three phase process. A high level review will look at tabular state and county inventories for key pollutants. A more detailed review will look at additional inventory parameters, such as additional inventory parameters and point source data from the inventory. Finally, the workgroup will review a map based emissions review tool provided by the IWDW for the 2014 inventory. Additional description and materials for the review process are provided below.

Phase 1

Sector summary spreadsheet and charting tool. County level emissions totals for pollutants CO, NH3, NOx, PM10, PM2.5 and SO2.

2014v2_allsector_summary_WRAP_crosstab.xlsx (provided by Farren Herron-Thorpe)

Phase 2

Sector summaries for all pollutants and inventory point data. (pending)

Phase 3

Map based emissions review tool on the IWDW (addition of 2014 NEIv2 and augmented inventories for WRAP modeling are pending)



EPA draft technical document describing emissions estimation methodology: