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2015-11-16 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: Nov. 16, 2015
Time: 1-2 PM MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837



Recap of Oct. 19 call

Active Data Requests

  1. 3346 - CMAS Training dataset (Steward:?; Requestor: Zac; Status: Submitted)
    1. assign steward
    2. move status to "Delivered"
  2. 3282 - Denver RAQC O3 SIP modeling(Steward: Tom; Requestor: Ralph; Status: Data Delivered)
    1. focus on "tuning-up" future year emissions
    2. move to "Accepted"
  3. 3297 - Proj. for USEPA (Steward: Gail; Requestor; Courtney Taylor; Status: Data Delivered)
    1. Marco will amend Data Request description
    2. send reminder, followed by notification to "Accept"
  4. 3288 - Emissions QA for 2011 base and future emissions (Steward: Gail; Requestor: Gail; Status: Filling)
    1. move to "Accepted"

Other items

  1. S. Ute shale gas NEPA proj. - how to steer request to DW
  2. External modeling studies (Four Corners AQ Group meeting)
    2. NM BLM Mancos Shale
    3. UT ARMS

  1. Funding outreach


The Stewards group reviewed active data requests in the IWDW. Request #3346 for a CMAS training set was assigned to Tom as Steward. The group recommended contacting requestors for #3282 and 3297 to further clarify the entry fields for "description of intended use".

Regarding data sharing with the IWDW, there was discussion on how to proceed with discussions with CO and NM BLM on transferring components of the CARMM/Mancos Shale data set to the IWDW. The intent is to show "results" using IWDW tools, and not provide the entire modeling platform in the suite of IWDW data sets for download.

Regarding funding opportunities, Tom mentioned following up with the Western Energy Alliance.

Action Items

  • RA - follow up with Marco to amend #3297 data request "description of intended use"; Ralph for #3282
  • RA/Tom - follow up with Mary on CARMMS data transfer to IWDW