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Base 2011b CAMx and CMAQ Modeling Results

Base2011b Change Log


  • WRF Winter Configuration: January - March


  • O&G
    • NEI2011v2 Inventories for non-3SAQS O&G data
    • 3SAQS 2nd phase O&G inventories
    • Reconciliation between NEI2011v2 and 3SAQS 2nd Phase inventories
  • Fires
    • PMDETAIL 2011v2
  • Residential Wood Combustion
    • 50% reduction in all RWC species from the NEI2011v2

Chemistry-Transport Model

  • Boundary Conditions
    • NOAA/NCAR MOZART with dust and seasalt set to 0.0
  • Snow cover/albedo fix for winter O3