Development Disclaimer

June 1, 2018

General Website Status

The WRAP Technical Support System (TSS) website and its components are currently under development. As a result, the website and/or its components, such as the back-end database, may be intermittently unavailable or non-functional while the development team tests, debugs, and expands the site. In addition, many website links may initially serve merely as placeholder links for indicating planned pages or creating navigation "hooks" and may be grayed-out or otherwise non-functional while their associated resources are implemented. You may also see error, status, or logging messages in place of certain pages and/or their constituent parts while the development team is in the process of implementing and testing them.

Navigation Structure

The organization and content of the various navigation elements (such as the dropdown navigation menus in the website banner) is expected to change periodically and sometimes significantly as the overall website framework is developed and content is added. The development team will work with project collaborators to design a navigation structure that is intuitive for end users, but this structure may not be well-realized until much later in the website lifecycle when a critical mass of content has been developed and put in place on the production website. In the meantime, the navigation structure may change frequently.

Experimental Features

The development team may publish web pages that contain experimental and/or prototypical features in order to test and evaluate those features in a production website environment. Such pages and features might eventually become a permanent part of the production website or they might not, and they may also appear in different places and in different configurations as the development team evaluates various implementation details of each feature and/or page. Therefore, website links should be shared with others outside the TSS project team very sparingly and only as absolutely necessary during the development phase.