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Projects: External Links and Offsite Resources

The TSS builds upon the efforts of several related air quality projects to offer an integrated suite of analysis tools for monitoring, emissions, and modeled air quality data. The TSS development partners are seeking to leverage the resources and experience of these projects to establish an enterprise-level analysis system for guiding states, tribes, and federal land managers in the design of their respective implementation plans for supporting the Regional Haze Rule regulations.


Visibility Information Exchange Web System (VIEWS)

Visibility Information Exchange Web System (VIEWS)Offsite link...

VIEWS is an online exchange of air quality data, research, and ideas designed to support the Regional Haze Rule enacted by the U.S. EPA to reduce regional haze and improve visibility in national parks and wilderness areas.
Causes of Haze (COHA)

Causes of Haze Assessment (COHA)Offsite link...

The Causes of Haze Assessment web is an online report that answers questions about the chemical components that cause regional haze, relationships of haze to meteorology, the emissions that cause haze, and the effects of previous and future emissions reductions on the poorest and best visibility levels.
Emissions Data Management System (EDMS)

WRAP Emissions Data Management System (EDMS)Offsite link...

An emission inventory data warehouse and web-based application that provides a consistent approach to regional emissions tracking to meet the requirements for State Implementation Plan (SIP) and Tribal Implementation Plan (TIP) development and periodic review and updates.
WRAP Fire Emissions Tracking System (FETS)

WRAP Fire Emissions Tracking System (FETS)Offsite link...

The WRAP’s Fire Emissions Tracking System (FETS) is a database with a web interface for planned and unplanned fire events. Users can view fire data on-screen with a mapping tool and query the database for downloads of data into model-ready formats and CSV or DBF formats.
Regional Modeling Center (RMC)

WRAP Regional Modeling Center (RMC)Offsite link...

The WRAP RMC assists State and Tribal agencies in conducting regional haze analyses over the western U.S. by operating regional scale, three-dimensional air quality models that simulate the emission, transformation, and transport of pollutants and the effects on visibility in WRAP Class I Areas.