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TSS Help and Support

We understand that navigating and using the TSS can initially seem to be a daunting task. A wide variety of information and resources are available (with many more to come), and knowing where to start can be difficult. The TSS is still being developed, so many pages and tools have not been completed and many others have not yet been started. To help you get familiar with the TSS and start using its resources as soon as possible, we're developing several guides, tutorials, and resources for acquainting yourself with the TSS which will be posted here as they become available. We want the TSS users to participate in guiding the development process as much as possible, so we encourage you to provide frequent feedback. Visit this page whenever you have questions or comments, and use the resources below to get help. We appreciate your patience as we try to make the TSS a useful and enjoyable resource. Thanks!

Recommended Resources

TSS Getting Started Guide

Browse the Getting Started Guide for general help with navigating and using the TSS. This is the best place to start learning about the TSS.

TSS Feedback Form

Use the feedback form to ask questions, make comments, or report errors. Feedback is automatically forwarded to the TSS development team, and every effort will be made to respond to your questions and comments as soon as possible.

TSS Contacts

To report an error, or for questions or comments about TSS web pages, applications, and tools, please contact:
Shawn McClure
CIRA, Colorado State University
Phone: (970) 491-8455
For questions or comments about TSS content, analyses, or results, please contact:
Tom Moore
Western Governor's Association (WGA)
Phone: (970) 491-8837