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News and Events

VIEWS 2.0 website launched (September 22, 2009)
A new version of the VIEWS website makes its debut. This first-stage release includes a number of hardware, software, organizational, functional, and content-related updates that will serve as a new foundation for the continued evolution of the site. In the months to come, this first release will be followed by additional updates that will introduce new tools and features that build upon the new framework. The redesigned system emphasizes interoperability and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that will better facilitate data and metadata exchange between VIEWS and other systems. More info...
2018 Preliminary Reasonable Progress Regional Modeling Scenarios versions "b" and "cmv" available (September 1, 2009)
In July 2009, the Regional Modeling Center has completed the last of the 2018 modeling scenarios for regional haze planning in the WRAP region. The TSS project team has completed the following updates from these scenarios:
  1. Results are available for PRP18b and PRP18cmv on the Emissions Review, Modeling Results, and Visibility Projections tools.
  2. Questions about these results were discussed on an August 13th Implementation WorkGroup call.
  3. An analysis of the effects of the contributions of 2018 emissions projections for the nation of Mexico and commercial marine shipping in the eastern Pacific Ocean was prepared.