12/28/2018 The website was updated with a responsive web design framework, a new home page, and some navigational changes.

12/18/2018 A coordination document for tracking the 2014 WRAP Modeling effort was created.

11/27/2018 Thirty six new 12TB hard drives were ordered to augment the data storage capacity of the Data Warehouse file servers.

10/30/2018 The 2014 NEIv2 Emissions Inventory Review wiki page was updated.

10/29/2018 The WAQS 2014 Modeling Platform wiki page was updated.

09/24/2018 The State-Tribal-EPA-MJO Technical Work Group wiki page was updated.

06/18/2018 The 2014 Oil and Gas Emissions Inventories wiki page was updated.

12/21/2017 IWDW-WAQS Technical and Oversight Committee meeting

03/02/2017 A new CAMx presentation (*.pptx) on recent updates to CAMx version 6.40 is available.

03/02/2017 A new CMAQ presentation (*.pdf) on recent enhancements is available.