Native Flags for CASTNet Ozone - Hourly
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2305 V0Valid dataData QualityOZONE_F
2305<V0Missing < 25% of hourly sampling periodData QualityOZONE_F
2305^V0Alarm high -- ozone > 120Data QualityOZONE_F
2305_V0Field reading less than zeroData QualityOZONE_F
23050V0Level 0 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23051V0Level 1 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23051XI0Level 1 data that are suspect based on manual screening. Data should be omitted from any statistical analyses.Quality AssuranceQA_CODE
23052V0Level 2 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23053V0Level 3 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
2305BI0Field instrument channel down for > 75% of hourly sampling periodData QualityOZONE_F
2305CI0Invalid data due to field calibration of instrumentData QualityOZONE_F
2305DI0Field instrument channel down for 25% to 75% of hourly sampling periodData QualityOZONE_F
2305EV0Exceptional event designation requested by state agency Data QualityOZONE_F
2305FI0Field instrument power failureData QualityOZONE_F
2305GSI1Government shutdown periodQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
2305II0Invalid readingData QualityOZONE_F
2305KV0Non-nominal flow value identified during automated screeningData QualityOZONE_F
2305MI0Field data missingData QualityOZONE_F
2305PI0Potential problem identified during automated screening requiring further investigationData QualityOZONE_F
2305SV0Field instrument out of DQO at time of 2nd calibrationData QualityOZONE_F
2305XV4Record not obtained via daily polling; placeholder usedQuality AssuranceQA_CODE