Native Flags for CASTNet Dry Chemistry - Weekly Filter Pack Concentrations
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2301 V0Valid dataData Quality%_f
2301!V4X and U applyData Quality%_F
2301#V6Both U and L flags applyData Quality%_f
2301$V4L and U applyData Quality%_F
2301<I1Invalid chemistry data and/or less than 75% valid flow dataData Quality%_F
23010V0Level 0 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23011V0Level 1 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23011XI0Level 1 data that are suspect based on manual screening. Data should be omitted from any statistical analyses.Quality AssuranceQA_CODE
23012V0Level 2 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
23013V0Level 3 validated dataQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
2301DNADateon or dateoff questionableQuality Assuranceqa_code
2301GSI1Government shutdown periodQuality AssuranceQA_CODE
2301II1Invalid chemistry data and/or less than 75% valid flow dataData Quality%_f
2301LV4Less than 90% but greater than or equal to 75% valid flow dataData Quality%_f
2301MI0Missing or completely invalid flow dataData Quality%_f
2301NI0Sample not analyzedData Quality%_f
2301RV0Re-run value used in calculationData Quality%_f
2301SV6Both L and R flags applyData Quality%_f
2301UV4Undetected - value listed is the reporting limit corrected by flow volumeData Quality%_f
2301xV4Data quality issue has been identified and will be resolved in future updateQuality Assuranceqa_code