Monitoring Site Locations
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DE02LewesUSDE 38.77-75.1209/29/9201/22/14
DE99Trap Pond State ParkUSDE 38.5-75.451205/30/0105/24/03
FL18Tampa BayUSFL 27.83-82.5208/11/9606/25/06
FL98South LidoUSFL 27.31-82.57109/15/9809/12/99
IL11BondvilleUSIL 40.05-88.3721210/01/9201/17/14
MD15Smith IslandUSMD 37.99-76.03211/17/9505/31/04
NY67IthacaUSNY 42.4-76.6650309/30/9201/11/14
OH09OxfordUSOH 39.53-84.7228410/06/9209/26/00
PA15Penn StateUSPA 40.79-77.9539310/06/9201/12/14
TN00Walker Branch WatershedUSTN 35.96-84.2934109/23/9201/11/14
VT99UnderhillUSVT 44.53-72.8739901/27/9305/30/13
WV99Canaan ValleyUSWV 39.06-79.4298806/01/0001/22/14
CaCalcium Ionmg/l<--Camg/l
ClChlorine Ionmg/l<--Clmg/l
Field CondField Conductancemicrosiemens/cm<--Field Condmicrosiemens/cm
KPotassium Ionmg/l<--Kmg/l
Lab CondLab Conductancemicrosiemens/cm<--Lab Condmicrosiemens/cm
MgMagnesium Ionmg/l<--Mgmg/l
NaSodium Ionmg/l<--Namg/l
NH4Ammonium Ionmg/l<--NH4mg/l
NO3Nitrate Ionmg/l<--NO3mg/l
pH FieldField pHpH<--pH FieldpH
pH LabLab pHpH<--pH LabpH
PO4Phosphate Ionmg/l<--PO4mg/l
Ppt NwsNWS Stick Gauge Readingmm<--Ppt Nwsmm
Ppt RecRain Gauge Readingmm<--Ppt Recmm
SO4Sulfate Ionmg/l<--SO4mg/l
SubPptSubstituted Precipitationmm<--SubPptmm
SvolSample Volumeml<--Svolml
ASamples of the highest quality did not contain anything but water, all protocols were followed, and there is no indication of compromised integrity of the sample.Quality AssuranceQR Code
BSamples of unknown quality may contain contaminants such as plant matter or insects, or are potentially contaminated due to handling errors.Quality AssuranceQR Code
CSamples of the lowest quality are either of undefined duration, contain bird droppings, or have some other indication of compromised quality.Quality AssuranceQR Code
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