Chemical speciation concentration data from aerosol filter packs at local conditions.
Monitoring Site Locations
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ALH557Alhambra VisibilityUSIL 38.87-89.6216410/25/9303/30/94
ARE528Arendtsville VisibilityUSPA 39.92-77.3126910/25/9305/25/01
BVL530Bondville VisibilityUSIL 40.05-88.3721210/25/9312/27/01
CDZ571Cadiz VisibilityUSKY 36.79-87.8518910/25/9303/02/01
CTH510Connecticut Hill VisibilityUSNY 42.4-76.6550110/25/9305/31/01
LIV573Livonia VisibilityUSIN 38.53-86.2629910/25/9303/02/01
MKG513M.K. Goddard VisibilityUSPA 41.42-80.1438410/31/9305/31/01
QAK272Quaker City CollocatedUSOH 39.94-81.3437202/04/9405/31/01
QAK572Quaker City VisibilityUSOH 39.94-81.3437210/25/9305/31/01
SHN518Shenandoah NP - Big Meadows VisibilityUSVA 38.52-78.44 11/09/9311/18/95
SIK270Sikes CollocatedUSLA 32.06-92.43 09/06/9504/24/00
SIK570Sikes VisibilityUSLA 32.06-92.436810/25/9302/24/01
babsLight absorption coefficient10^-8/m LC<--absorption10^-8/m LC
AGfSilver (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--agng/m^3 LC
ALfAluminum (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--alng/m^3 LC
ASfArsenic (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--arsenicng/m^3 LC
BAfBarium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--bang/m^3 LC
BRfBromine (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--brng/m^3 LC
CAfCalcium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--cang/m^3 LC
CDfCadmium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--cdng/m^3 LC
CLfChlorine (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--clng/m^3 LC
COfCobalt (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--cong/m^3 LC
CRfChromium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--crng/m^3 LC
CUfCopper (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--cung/m^3 LC
ECfCarbon, Elemental Total (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ectcµg/m^3 LC
FEfIron (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--feng/m^3 LC
MFMass, PM2.5 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--fine_massµg/m^3 LC
GAfGallium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--gang/m^3 LC
GEfGermanium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--geng/m^3 LC
HfHydrogen (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--hng/m^3 LC
HGfMercury (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--hgng/m^3 LC
INfIndium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--indiumng/m^3 LC
KfPotassium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--kng/m^3 LC
LAfLanthanum (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--lang/m^3 LC
MGfMagnesium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--mgng/m^3 LC
MNfManganese (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--mnng/m^3 LC
MOfMolybdenum (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--mong/m^3 LC
NAfSodium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--nang/m^3 LC
NIfNickel (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ning/m^3 LC
NO3fNitrate (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--no3µg/m^3 LC
OCfCarbon, Organic Total (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--octcµg/m^3 LC
PfPhosphorus (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--png/m^3 LC
PBfLead (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--pbng/m^3 LC
PDfPalladium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--pdng/m^3 LC
RBfRubidium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--rbng/m^3 LC
SfSulfur (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--sng/m^3 LC
SBfAntimony (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--sbng/m^3 LC
SEfSelenium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--seng/m^3 LC
SIfSilicon (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--sing/m^3 LC
SNfTin (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--snng/m^3 LC
SO4fSulfate (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--so4µg/m^3 LC
SRfStrontium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--srng/m^3 LC
TIfTitanium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ting/m^3 LC
VfVanadium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--vang/m^3 LC
YfYttrium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--yng/m^3 LC
ZNfZinc (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--znng/m^3 LC
ZRfZirconium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--zrng/m^3 LC
#Both U and S flags applyData Quality%_f
IInvalid dataData Quality%_f
NSample not analyzedData Quality%_f
SSuspect value due to incorrect flow rate through cycloneData Quality%_f
UValue is less than detection limitData Quality%_f
xData quality issue has been identified and will be resolved in future updateQuality Assuranceqa_code
Additional Details
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