Monitoring Site Locations
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AMBO3AmboyUSCA 34.56-115.5521301/14/9202/15/92
BAKE3BakerUSCA 35.28-116.0728301/15/9209/02/92
BARS3BarstowUSCA 34.92-116.9559007/12/9209/02/92
BRCA3Bryce CanyonUSUT 37.62-112.17243801/18/9209/02/92
CAJO3Cajon PassUSCA 34.33-117.4107601/14/9209/02/92
CAJO4Cajon PassUSCA 34.33-117.4107607/12/9209/02/92
CIBO3Cibola National Wildlife RefugeUSCA 33.3-114.77307/19/9208/30/92
COCO3Cottonwood Cove; WestUSNV 35.48-114.6827401/10/9209/02/92
DARO3Dangling RopeUSUT 37.13-111.05115801/31/9202/12/92
DECE3Desert CenterUSCA 33.7-115.3727007/12/9209/02/92
DOSP3Dolan SpringsUSAZ 35.58-114.2885301/14/9209/02/92
ELCE3El CentroUSCA 32.83-115.38-407/22/9209/02/92
ESSE3EssexUSCA 34.75-115.2552007/12/9209/02/92
GRCA3Grandview Point; GCNPUSAZ 36-111.99225601/14/9209/02/92
GRCA5Grandview Point; GCNPUSAZ 36-111.99225601/14/9209/02/92
HUMO3Hualapi MountainUSAZ 35.12-113.87240801/14/9202/15/92
INGA3Indian GardensUSAZ 36.08-112.12115801/15/9202/15/92
INGA5Indian GardensUSAZ 36.08-112.12115801/14/9202/15/92
JALA3Jacob Lake LAKEUSAZ 36.7-112.22248701/14/9202/15/92
JOTR2Joshua TreeUSCA 34.05-116.23125001/14/9202/15/92
JOTR3Joshua TreeUSCA 34.05-116.23125001/14/9209/02/92
KELS3KelsoUSCA 34.9-115.6586007/12/9209/02/92
KING3KingmanUSAZ 35.25-114.05104007/12/9209/02/92
LVWA3Las Vegas WashUSNV 36.12-114.8545701/16/9209/02/92
MACN3Marble CanyonUSAZ 36.8-111.65121901/14/9202/15/92
MEAD5MeadviewUSAZ 36.02-114.0790501/14/9209/02/92
MEAD6MeadviewUSAZ 36.02-114.0790501/14/9209/02/92
MOSP3Mountain Springs SummitUSNV 35.98-115.52175301/14/9209/02/92
NEHA3New HarmonyUSUT 37.5-113.3152401/16/9208/26/92
OVBE3Overton BeachUSNV 36.43-114.3739601/14/9208/20/92
PARK3ParkerUSAZ 34.15-114.2713701/11/9209/02/92
PAUL3PauldenUSAZ 34.92-112.57134101/14/9202/15/92
PEFO3Petrified Forest NPUSAZ 34.91-109.8169001/14/9209/02/92
SAGO3San Gorgonio WildernessUSCA 34.19-116.91171001/14/9209/02/92
SELI3SeligmanUSAZ 35.28-112.48166101/15/9209/02/92
SPMO3Spirit MountainUSNV 35.25-114.73149801/15/9209/02/92
SPMO4Spirit MountainUSNV 35.25-114.73149807/12/9209/02/92
SQMO3Squaw MountainUSAZ 35.22-113.1198101/15/9209/02/92
SYCA3Sycamore CanyonUSAZ 35.15-111.98189001/14/9209/02/92
TEHA3Tehachapi SummitUSCA 35.1-118.43128001/14/9209/02/92
TONT3Tonto National ForestUSNM 33.65-111.1273201/14/9209/02/92
TRUX3TruxtonUSAZ 35.49-113.56135001/15/9209/02/92
WICK3WickenburgUSAZ 33.93-112.873201/14/9209/01/92
YUCC3YuccaUSAZ 34.75-114.1757901/14/9209/02/92
ALfAluminum (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ALng/m^3 LC
ASfArsenic (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ASng/m^3 LC
BRfBromine (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--BRng/m^3 LC
CAfCalcium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--CAng/m^3 LC
CLfChlorine (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--CLng/m^3 LC
CHLfChloride (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--CLDng/m^3 LC
CRfChromium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--CRng/m^3 LC
CUfCopper (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--CUng/m^3 LC
EC1fCarbon, Elemental Fraction 1 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--E1ng/m^3 LC
EC2fCarbon, Elemental Fraction 2 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--E2ng/m^3 LC
EC3fCarbon, Elemental Fraction 3 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--E3ng/m^3 LC
FEfIron (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--FEng/m^3 LC
HfHydrogen (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--Hng/m^3 LC
KfPotassium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--Kng/m^3 LC
MFMass, PM2.5 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--MFng/m^3 LC
MGfMagnesium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--MGng/m^3 LC
MNfManganese (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--MNng/m^3 LC
MOfMolybdenum (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--MOfng/m^3 LC
MTMass, PM10 (Total)µg/m^3 LC<--MTng/m^3 LC
NAfSodium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--NAng/m^3 LC
NH4fAmmonium Ion (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--NH4ng/m^3 LC
NIfNickel (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--NIng/m^3 LC
N2fNitrite (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--NO2ng/m^3 LC
NO3fNitrate (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--NO3ng/m^3 LC
OC1fCarbon, Organic Fraction 1 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--O1ng/m^3 LC
OC2fCarbon, Organic Fraction 2 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--O2ng/m^3 LC
OC3fCarbon, Organic Fraction 3 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--O3ng/m^3 LC
OC4fCarbon, Organic Fraction 4 (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--O4ng/m^3 LC
OPfCarbon, Organic Pyrolized (Fine), by Reflectanceµg/m^3 LC<--OPng/m^3 LC
PfPhosphorus (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--Png/m^3 LC
PBfLead (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--PBng/m^3 LC
RBfRubidium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--RBng/m^3 LC
SfSulfur (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--Sng/m^3 LC
SEfSelenium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--SEng/m^3 LC
SIfSilicon (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--SIng/m^3 LC
SO2Sulfur Dioxideµg/m^3 LC<--SO2ng/m^3 LC
SO4fSulfate (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--SO4ng/m^3 LC
SRfStrontium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--SRng/m^3 LC
TIfTitanium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--TIng/m^3 LC
VfVanadium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--Vng/m^3 LC
ZNfZinc (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ZNng/m^3 LC
ZRfZirconium (Fine)µg/m^3 LC<--ZRng/m^3 LC
0Data points with NULL values in Debbie Miller's RHR data that have a '0' value in the flag_a, flag_b, flag_c, or flag_d field.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
APPossible Organic ArtifactQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
BIIncorrect installation of sample cartridge during weekly changeQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
CGClogged Filter, generally associated with fire impact. The final flow rate is less than one-half of the initial flow rate.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
CLClogged Filter, generally associated with fire impact. The final flow rate is less than one-half of the initial flow rate.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
DADid not analyzeQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
DEDerived valueQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
EEUnknown flagTemporaryFLAG_%
EPEquipment ProblemQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
LDBelow detection limit - at one point this flag was mapped to 'NM'Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
LFThe flow is greater than 10% higher or lower than the nominal flow rate. This effects the cut point of the particle but the concentrations are correct.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
NANot Applicable. This is used for missing modules with non-protocol samplers with less than four modules.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
NMNORMALQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
NRSamples that have OP=0 that may actually have a negative OP.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
NSOperator did not install the samples or installed them too late to acquire a valid time. All filters involved.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
OLOff Line. In some cases, this is used when the sampler is inoperable due to hurricane or fire. For year 2000, this is used for the period after the Version 1 sampler is removed and before the Version 2 samples begins operation.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
PCPossible contaminationQuality AssuranceStatus
POPower Outage. All filters involved.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
QAQA problem suspected, value held back for further investigationQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
QCValid value despite failing to meet some QC or statistical criteria.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
QDQuestionable dataQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
RFThe flow is greater than 20% higher or lower than the nominal flow rate. This affects the cut point of the particle but the concentrations are correct.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
SAUsed to indicate some sort of 'Sampling Anomaly', though the exact definition has yet to be satisfactorily defined.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
SOSent OutTemporaryFLAG_%
SPAn artifact filter was swapped with a sample filter.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
SWSuspected filter swap.Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
TUNon-standard sampling conditionsQuality AssuranceFLAG_%
UNThe concentrations failed the data validation for unknown reasons. Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
XXThe filter is damaged. Quality AssuranceFLAG_%
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