Intermountain West Data Warehouse / Western Air Quality Study


Technical Committee call


July 23, 2015 - 100 to 400 PM MDT


call 1-800-768-2983 and use access code 4918837


Join Me remote access web link



1:00 PM          Welcome and roll call, agenda review (Tom)



1:05                 Data Warehouse  ( presentation )

·         Data Requests’ status and Data Stewards oversight role/process (Rodger/Dustin)

·         Updates to DW Documents, Studies and wiki pages (Rodger/Zac)

·         Emissions Review Tool demo (Shawn)



1:50                 Model Performance Evaluation document and summary

·         Model Performance Evaluation documents (Tom/Rebecca)



2:20                 Modeling ( Ralph/Zac – presentation )

·         MOVES 2014 sensitivity

·         Winter O3 sensitivities (emissions and layers)

·         Boundary Condition Sensitivity

·         2011b emissions and preliminary CAMx results

·         2011 source apportionment modeling update

·         2014prelim modeling plan, start of review and comment period



3:40                 Action Items

·         Review availability/timing of 2014 activity / emissions data from States (Zac)

·         Discuss request for States to prepare ozone and PM2.5 design value trends through 2014 for 2014pre modeling platform evaluation (Ralph)

·         Future DW Tools workgroup call – identify interest level and whom (Rodger)

·         Confirm Sept. 23rd in-person/all day Technical Committee meeting, CIRA (Tom)



4:00                 Adjourn