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2016-10-04 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: Oct. 4, 2016
Time: 11AM-noon MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837



Recap of previous call

Active Data Requests

"Recent" Projects:

  • 3410 - Dennis McNally [Leonard Herr]; Alpine/UT BLM; Crescent Pt. EIS; 2011b CAMx

  • 4429 - Ralph Morris [Chad Meister]; ENVIRON/CO BLM; CARMMS 2.0; 2011b CAMx & CMAQ

  • 4441 - Jinhyok Heo/Oliver Gao [Mike Barna]; Cornell/CMU; Organics PM health study; 2011b CAMx model ready inputs

Awaiting Steward:

  • 4490 - USFS/Bret Anderson [TBD]; Trinity/Christine Chambers; TCEQ PSD; MMIF Met. processing for CALPUFF

Other items

  1. Alignment of IWDW Data Request UI with NEPA Guidance FINAL_NEPA_IWDW_Process_Outline_Sept19_2016.pdf


No significant updates on recent IWDW projects. Rodger will follow up with C. Chambers to clarify request #4490.

The group reviewed draft changes to the IWDW Data Request UI to incorporate items in the NEPA Guidance doc.

It was also noted that some deliverables were indicitated not available per the 2011b platform description. RA will follow up with Zac on pending file transfers

Action Items

RA/Dustin will draft modifications to IWDW data request UI based on discussion of NEPA Guidance doc.

RA will follow up with C. Chambers on #4490 - project cancelled by requestor.

RA will follow up with ZA on 2011b modeling platform transfers - transfer of CMAQ 2025 output now complete