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2015_1013 DW Operations

Date: Oct. 13, 2015
Time: 2:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from 2015_0929 DW Operations

2. Tools work-group

  • Outline
  • Tool development priorities

3. Issue Tracking

4. Data availability on DW

  • 2008b plots (need to populate MPE review tool)
  • 2011a (review status on data request UI)
  • 2011b (review status on data request UI)
    /Base11b/EMIS/inputs (empty)
    /Base11b/EMIS/premerged (contains 4,12,36km grids)
  • 2011b CMAQ

5. Other

  • 3SAQS/WAQS naming convention (3SAQS/WAQS - switch with 2011b or retroactively?)
  • TFS status
  • wiki entries
    -2008 platform description
    -2011a_2020 future year projections, 2011a SA, emissions file update (not included in PGM)
    -2011b WRF, 2011b_2020
    -O&G emissions summaries (Inventory Summaries, SMOKE Input Files, Chemical Speciation, Spatial Allocation (Gridding), Temporal Allocation
    -glossary of evaluation products (links from data request UI 2011a,b)

Wrap Up

1. Action items from last call reviewed.

2. Tools workgroup outline: tools in order of 'closest to final version':

  • ERT - needs additional metadata, and minor UI modifications. v2 GIS metadata selection.
  • MPE - v1 ready to go with addition of 2008 plots. v2 will include metadata enhanced selection, and UI mods.
  • Model-to-obs - v1 will have 2008b, 2011a,b data pairings from site-comp.f. Zac moved 2011 parings to viking during call. v2 could incorporate additional chart types (e.g. 5 main plot types from MPE, and others per Tools workgroup feedback). Major benefit is site specific comparisons that may not be available in MPE tool or reports.
  • SA tool - need to check with ENVIRON re development timeline and role of DW team.
  • GIS tools - Short(er) term - Dustin working on geographic selection for ERT and other tools. Longer term - model I/O spatial layers with obs overlays.

3. Shawn enabled email notifications on issue tracker. DW ops group needs to sign up for notifications and configure settings appropriately.

4. Reviewed data request UI and identified missing datasets and/or categories. Rodger will review and put together a listing for next call. Shawn suggested an interface to track data availability.

5. Other:

  • Study nomenclature: 2008-2011a (3SAQS), 2011b-2014 (WAQS). Indicates a new project reflecting WESTAR sole source to ENVIRION in in early 2014. WAQS emphasis broadens to include SIP support, other regional AQ analyses.

  • GIT source control implemented for DW development team

  • reviewed wiki entries for completeness.

Action Items

  • DW team - sign up for issue tracker notifications
  • Rodger - coordinate data category metadata updates and file transfers with Zac/Dustin as necessary
  • Shawn - publish mods to Data request UI with updated Data Use Agreement

Carried over from previous call:

  • Ralph - 2011b CMAx and CMAQ spec sheets (Issue #62)
  • Zac - 2011a/b benchmark packages (Issue #63)
  • Rodger - draft about page and procedures doc (Issue #67)