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Gobus/GridFTP Data Transfers

Globus Overview


Globus Connect enables a computer to use the Globus file transfer and sharing service. It makes it simple to create a Globus endpoint on practically any system, from a personal laptop to a national supercomputer. Endpoints are computers between which files need to be transferred. Globus Connect is free to install and use for users at non-profit research and education institutions.

The main advantages of Globus Connect are speed and the user interface. GlobesGlobus uses a multi-threaded transfer technology (GridFTP) to increase the transfer speeds considerably over other electronic transfer options (e.g., ssh, rsync, ftp). The user interfaces include a file explorer-type web client and a command line interface (CLI).

Globus Connect comes in two flavors: Globus Connect Personal is designed for use by a single user on a personal machine; Globus Connect Server is designed to be installed by a system administrator on multi-user computing and storage resources.

The IWDW has Globus Connect Servers configured for downloading modeling platforms and data archives from the warehouse. To connect to the IWDW endpoints, users must:

  • Have the Globus Connect Server or Personal endpoint setup to receive data from the IWDW endpoints
  • Have a login to the IWDW Server endpoint (request login)

Configuration Notes

Viking Configuration

Globus Interface

There are two ways to connect/initiate transfers between servers using Globus. For connecting a desktop to a

The Globus web client is available through v. You need to have the

$ ssh -l zacadelman $ transfer