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2016_0309 dw operations

Date: Mar. 09, 2016
Time: 12:30-1:30pm MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from the previous call

2. Data request overview link

  • EMIS software added to SC request #2237 (Status = Under Review -> Data Delivered)
  • 3389, 3391 - (Status = Awaiting Authorization -> Data Delivered) (GT Steward)
  • 80 (Status = Under Review -> Cancelled)
  • Remove test cases
  • Other business for Stewards?

3. Modeling platforms link

  • 2011b status

4. Tool development

  • MPE Metrics prototype - link each entry to corresponding graphic?
  • GIS prototype modifications
  • SA vis. tools - links from IWDW website

  • Emissions GIS
    • County level pollutant map: demo
    • Source category pie chart map overlays: demo

5. Other items

  • Mar. 8 OC Meeting update
    • about page, study overview maps
    • OC secured space, OC specific content, ...
  • annotated MPE checklist
  • Other items for Tools Workgroup?


Review of previous action items: still pending are notification to Cooperators that 2011b_2025 emission wiki is complete; Dustin mods to emissions GIS prototype; Rodger draft procedures for modeling post processing.

Ralph mentioned that ENVIRON has R2 (source sector) SA db to add. He will check with his developers as to whether this will be packaged with the current R1 version, or sent as a stand alone application.

The group reviewed the 2011b_2025 emissions wiki. Noted that that in SJ and Uinta Basins half of basin show increase, while half shows decrease. Tom will review plots and memo.

The group reviewed the MPE metrics tool developed by Shawn. This currently supports 2011b CAMx and CMAQ at 12 and 4km grids. Possible modifications are addition of site level data; adding links to corresponding plots; Tom suggested a map UI for future long term development. Tom also noted that this is another tool where me might want to specify post processing data formats for DW modeling platform downloads. Zac will send 2008b metrics tables to add to the tool.

Action Items

  • Tom - review 2011b emissions wiki and ENVIRON meme
  • Zac - send 2008b metrics tables for MEP metrics tool.