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2015_0331 DW Operations

Date: March 31, 2015 2:30pm MST

Time: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from March 17 call.

2. Re-cap from Feb. 25 Tech. Committee Meeting

  • EPA checklist
  • 2011a & 2011a2 resources and availability on DW
  • anything else...

3. DW website development

  • Data Request UI
  • Image Browser (

4. Additions to Wiki

  1. 2011a modeling Platform Description 2011a modeling platform description

5. DW development

  • What are our high priority tools for development?

6. Other DW projects (work we want to keep track of, but don't necessarily need to rehash during every call)

  • ARMS platform
  • O&G workgroup page
  • ENVIRON SA tool
  • In house tool development -Model-to-obs tool -Emissions browser

Wrap Up

Attendees: Shawn, Dustin, Ralph, Zac, Rodger
Call duration: 75min

Action Items

  1. Rodger - Follow up with TM regarding 2011a Platform availability on DW
  2. Dustin - Create data request "report" page
  3. Rodger - Update Data Request status flags & follow up with requestors as necessary.
  4. Rodger - draft data request policy; provide example using Shannon Capps request
  5. Zac - wiki entry text for 2011a errata