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2016_0816 IWDW operations

Date: Aug. 16, 2016
Time: 2:00-3:30pm MDT
Riehl Conference room


  1. DW operations, tasks underway/about to finish, hardware/software maintenance/upgrades, in/out file transfers
  2. Completing 2011b transfer
  3. Source apportionment tools for Denver Ozone and Southern New Mexico Ozone Study
  4. Status of NPS initiative work by Dustin
  5. new ArcGIS support request from ARD
  6. Data transfer cost recovery
  7. MT-Dakotas expansion
  8. Need for Cooperator outreach – Stewards, Technical Committee, other
  9. Monitoring network assessment
  10. Modeling RFP and contract process/schedule
  11. Other topics


1 - DW operations overview: Team will revisit GLOBUS ftp; set up may be easier now that ACNS manages firewall. Dustin has been testing scrapper scripts for AirWaterGas project; he will try to get these running in their original configuration using PostgreSQL. Rodger will try and tie up status docs.

2 - Rodger will follow up with Zac/Ralph regarding 2011b transfer status status.

3 - ENVIRON will be delivering new SA tools and documentation for Denver O3 and SNMOS. Both are 2011b based modeling studies. Will need to create separate "study" categories on both IWDW SA tool section and wiki.

4 - Dustin recapped his work with NPS haze imaging. He will keep Tom in the loop regarding time allocations.

5 - Future NPS requests for GIS support will be handled on a trial basis basis.

6 - Shawn laid out a couple options for IWDW cost recovery. IWDW Team will propose options in advance of next Tech. Comm. meeting.

7 -

8 -

9 - Rodger will draft outline for network assessment. Add NM, MT & Dakotas, OKT.

10 -

11 -

Tentative agenda for Sept 20 follow up meeting

  1. Select date and time window (Oct. 11, 14, 27, 28 are open for me – could do week of Oct. 3rd if we will be ready) for Technical Committee call – proposed topics:
  2. DW status
  3. DW monetization and cost recovery
  4. Monitoring network assessment methodology
  5. Status check
  6. Status of NPS initiative work by Dustin
  7. new ArcGIS support request from ARD
  8. Modeling RFP and contract process/schedule
  9. Other topics