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WRAP 2014 NEIv2 Emissions Review

Workgroup to review USEPA emissions inventories for 2014v2 NEI. The Workgroup will allow states to review the inventories prior to WAQS photochemical modeling.

Data source:

2914v2 NEI emissions inventories are provided by USEPA

Accessed via Google Drive:

CMAS Data Warehouse -> SMOKE -> 2014fd_2015fd_2016fd_alpha_platform_042518.tar.gz

Zip file expands to 24 emissions sectors. For this review, only .csv files in the inventory were included. A list of sectors and the number of input files from each sector used for this review is below. Files with 45 columns were attributed to area sources, and those with 77 columns were attributed to point sources. The onroad directory contained .csv files with 10,26 and 14 columns and those files were not included.

SectorFiles included in review datasetPtAreaComment
afdust1 x 
ag2 xdirectory includes separate files for NH3 and "not_NH3"
beis0  5 files in directory, none were included (4 .ncf, 1 .txt)
cem0  26 files in directory, none included (cem directory includes hourly data used by ptegu sector)
cmv_c1c22 xseparate files for onshore and offshore sources
cmv_c32x separate file for offshore sources (one .txt file not included "ptinv_eca_imo_nonUS_nonCANADA_caps_vochaps_2011_13feb2018_v4_orl.txt)
nonpt2x what does pfc refer to ('pfc_2014NEIv2_NONPOINT_final_20180119_22jan2018_v0.csv')
nonroad2 xincluded "2014NEIv1_california_nonroad_augmented_VOC_plusETOH_08dec2017_v4.csv" and "2014NEIv1_nonroad_from_MOVES_forAQ_08dec2017_v9.csv.trim" (not sure why the latter was appended with ".trim"
np_oilgas1 x 
onroad1 x4 .csv files not included (HOTELLING, SPEED, VMT, VPOP)
onroad_ca_adj0  4 .csv not included (HOTELLING, SPEED, VMT, VPOP)
onroad_can1 x 
onroad_mex1 x 
othafdust1 xCanada
othar8 xCanada, Mexico
othpt8x Canada, Mexico
pt_oilgas2x Separate file for offshore sources. Removed comments from "oilgas_2014NEIv2_POINT_20171103_final_13nov2017_v0.csv" due to sql ingest errors
ptagfire2x NEIv2 and state submitted (4 daily txt files)
ptfire1x two txt daily txt files
ptfire_othna5x five daily txt files
rail1 x 
rwc1 x 
totals4622248 .csv files omitted, 97 files total (44 non .csv files omitted)