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IWDW Phase I Status

This page provides details on the status of the IWDW component of the IWDW-WAQS Project through Phase I of the IWDW funding cycle. A broader overview is provided in the IWDW Phase I Status document.


MPE Plots

Table 1. LinksFile to file inventoriessummaries for modeling scenarios provide in the IWDW MPE Plots Tool. The files first list a directory summary, including size, sub directories and files, then lists the directory contents at the file level.

ScenarioIndexDisk Space Used (MB)Files
2008 Base08bindex62516694
2011 Base11a_GCBCindex  
2011 Base11a_MOVESindex  
2011 Base11aindex  
2011 Base11a_WinterO3index  
2011 Base11b MET WinterO3index  
2011 Base11bindex  
2011 Base25a_11bindex  
2011 WRFindex  
2014 WRFindex  



Table 2. File summaries for 3SDW directories on respective virtual path on Viking file server

Virtual PathIndexDisk Space Used (TB)Files
data1index14 83881
data2index53 36378
data3index53 12303


Table 3. File summaries for IWDW external disks

Disk LabelIndexDisk Space Used (TB)Files