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This Wiki contains documentation for the Western Air Quality Study - Intermountain West Data Warehouse (IWDW-WAQS) Project. Additional Project information can be found on the IWDW website About page.


The WAQS conducts meteorology, emissions, and air quality modeling to facilitate air resource analyses for federal and state agencies, and to provide up-to-date modeling platforms for the air quality research community. The wiki provides descriptions of WAQS modelingdeveloped photochemical grid model (PGM) platforms, model sensitivity analyses and source apportionment modeling, and contains additional descriptive and graphical results that supplement the content of WAQS technical reports.

PGM Modeling Platforms

Source Apportionment (SA) Modeling

Additional Modeling Results

Modeling Instructions


The IWDW is a website and dataserver that hosts WAQS modeling platforms, air quality monitoring data from a variety of observational networks and special studies, and provides online tools that allow users to explore, analyze and download modeling and monitoring data.




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