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2015_0120 DW Operations

Date: Jan. 20, 2015 2:30pm MST

Time: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from 1/6/15 DW ops. meeting

2. Data Request procedures

  • release and testing of new data request from (e.g. AECOM's pending request) demo
  • "packaging" base and future emissions on DW data request tools

3. Concept for National O&G Workgroup repository page on the DW website (Tom) memo

4. Draft document for DW visualization tools. draft ppt

5. AOB

Wrap Up: attendees: Tom, Ralph, Dustin, Shawn, Rodger call duration: appx. 1hr 10min,

1. DW website Data Request Form:

The group walkedreviewed Ralph through theDustin's new online Data Request Form - in anticipation of AECOM's pending requests. A few bugs were sorted outout, but in general and the group gave the form the green light for AECOM to proceed with its request using the new interface.

There was discussion on where the "I agree" check box should be placed in the life cycle of the data request process. Currently it must be check by the the person making the request before the request is submitted. There was no strong consensus to place it elsewhere.

Some of the wording ofin the current Data Use Agreement is out of date. Tom will look over the current agreement and makeprovide modifications.

Currently, when a user initiates an additional data requestsrequest under an existing project have allthe user input text box fields blank.are blank for the new request. ItThe wasgroup decidedsuggested that the system should auto populate fieldtext entriesbox fromfields with metadata provided in previous requests. Perhaps an alert shouldcould benotify the givenuser to modify the user input metadatafields if necessary for the intendednew usedata of this additional request differs from previous requests under that project. (Dustin) request.

2. DW website Studies Page:

Rename theThe link on the Studies page for the "Smoke"SMOKE 2008b" Scenarioscenario points to a page that provides documentation for the 2008 and 2020 emissions sectors. We should either rename the link and wiki page to something that reflects that documentation is alsoprovided providedfor both the base and future emissions, or create a page and separate link for the 2020 case emissions sectors. Also rename wiki page accordingly.emissions.

3. New web page to support the National O&G work group:

Tom gave a summary of thenew proposedweb page andto support the needs of theNational O&G work group. PageThe page will have a new look, distinct from the current DW headers, with a generic O&G look.

DW team will prepare a mock up page to present at a Ntnl. O&G work group meeting, perhaps by the 1st week in March. Possibly circulate mock up to O&G workgroup member list (50+ people) and Chair Mark Gibbs. Revisit this on the next call on Feb. 3.

5. Visualization tools planning document Rodger presented a ppt outline of a visualization tool planning doc. Key points raised were:

Re: tool documentation

  • providing parameter mapping for model output to obs.
  • clarifying PM method used for 3State modeling (pm2.5 cut or i+j)
  • note any updated modules that may change parameter mapping for 2011 platform vs. 2008.
  • look at spread sheet 3SAQS_2011_Monitoring_Networks.xls for networks with VOCs; species vertical profiles


  • ENVIRON plans to update with 2011 platform output. CIRA team will migrate code that supports current version (e.g. with 2008 outputs) to DW infrastructure, and populate with 2011 output as these data become available.

Action Items:

1. (Zac) WikiCreate wiki entry for 2008 WRF 36 km precipitation anomalyanomaly. Advise on documentation and Studies page link for 2020 SMOKE inputs.

2. (Tom) Update Data Use Agreement wording.

3. (Ralph) provide mappings for CMAx chemical species output to various observational datasets (e.g. IMPROVE, CASTNet, etc. )

4. (Dustin) Further modifications to Data Request interface. (auto populate user input metadata from previous data requests within a project)

5. (Rodger) O&G Work Group page mock up

6. (Shawn/Dustin) Coordinate with ENVIRON (Shawn Holladay) on migration of ENVIRON SA tool code to CIRA.