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AMET Data Analysis

Atmospheric Model Evaluation Tool (AMET)

Installation Notes

  • Location: /home/AMET/AMET_v13
  • Installation Command:Command for AMET:

  git clone -b 1.3 AMET_v13

  • Upgrade R to the latest version:
  • sudo yum install R
     R > install.packages(c("RMySQL", "date", "maps", "mapdata","stats","plotrix", "Fields")) 1: packages 'stats', 'Fields' are not available (for R version 3.4.1) 2: package 'stats' is a base package, and should not be updated

  • Install required R packages for AMET
  • R
    > install.packages(c("RMySQL", "date", "maps", "mapdata","stats","plotrix", "fields"))

  • Manual install of ncdf4 for R

sudo R CMD INSTALL ncdf4_1.13.tar.gz


  • Set AMETBASE and username/pass in /home/AMET/AMET_v13/configure/amet-config.R
  • Create the AMET user ametiwdw (only needs to be done once)
  • cd /home/AMET/AMET_v13/scripts_db/dbSetup
    user: ametiwdw
    pass: winter********

  • Run the AMET test case
  • cd /home/AMET/AMET_v13/scripts_db/dbSetup
    Note: user:there ametiwdwwas pass:a winter******

    small bug in the AMET script input_files/Network.input that I fixed.