Sula Peak (SULA1)
Site Details
Country:United States
State:Montana (pop. 799065)
County:Ravalli County (pop. 25010)
Location2:Sula Peak Fire Lookout, Sula, MT
Elevation:1895m above MSL
EPA Code:300819000
Agency:US Forest Service
Region:Northern Rockies
Land Use:Unknown
Dates:8/1994 - Present
SiteName:Sula Peak
Maps:Google, MSN, Yahoo
Site History
11/30/2001:road construction
11/22/2002:Prescribed fire
11/21/2001:Prescribed fire and road construction
11/15/2001:Prescribed fire and road construction
10/23/2002:Prescribed fire
10/22/1997:Prescribed fire
10/19/2001:Prescribed fire androad construction about a mile away from the site
10/10/2003:C1 Module pump replaced
10/10/2003:C1 surge protector replaced
10/06/2003:A1 Module Flow Calibration
10/06/2003:B1 Module Flow Calibration
10/06/2003:C1 Module Flow Calibration
10/06/2003:D1 Module Flow Calibration
10/06/2003:D1 Module pump replaced
10/06/2003:Photos taken
10/06/2003:Routine annual maintenance
09/30/1994:A1 Module Flow Calibration
09/30/1994:Routine annual maintenance
09/27/2003:smoke from Petibone Ridge Fire
09/26/2002:construction in area less than 1 air mile to the south
09/25/2001:Routine annual maintenance
09/22/1997:Elapsed timer replaced
09/22/1997:Sampler controller clock surge protector installed
09/20/2002:Asphalt Plant located 1 mile to SE for 2 months
09/15/1997:A1 Module Flow Calibration
09/15/1997:Routine annual maintenance
09/14/2001:A1 Module Flow Calibration
09/14/2001:B1 Module Flow Calibration
09/14/2001:C1 Module Flow Calibration
09/14/2001:D1 Module Flow Calibration
09/05/1998:Numerous fire in and around sampling site
08/30/1995:Site downwind from large fire
08/29/2000:A1 Module Flow Calibration
08/29/2000:B1 Module Flow Calibration
08/29/2000:C1 Module Flow Calibration
08/29/2000:D1 Module Flow Calibration
08/28/2003:Fire in area-smoke inversion next two weeks
08/21/1996:Fire still burning 20 miles away varying smoke conditions
08/15/2002:Local fire
08/14/1996:30000 acre fire 20 miles directly upwind. Falling ashes at site
08/10/2003:lots of smoke due to fire this week
08/10/1996:Large fire on 8/11/96
08/08/1995:A1 Module Flow Calibration
08/08/1995:Routine annual maintenance
08/07/1996:Small fire on 8/7/96
08/02/2000:offline until 08/31/2000
08/01/1994:A1 Module Flow Calibration
07/27/2000:Version 2 IMPROVE sampler installed
07/26/2000:A1 Module Flow Calibration
07/26/2000:B1 Module Flow Calibration
07/26/2000:C1 Module Flow Calibration
07/26/2000:D1 Module Flow Calibration
07/26/2000:Version 2 sampler installed
07/23/2003:Fire to north and south
07/19/2000:Fire in vicinity this week
07/17/2003:Fire to north and south
07/11/2003:Fire due south ~25miles
07/04/2002:road construction;lots of traffic
07/02/2003:smoke from fire from NW and SW
07/02/1998:A1 Module Flow Calibration
07/02/1998:C1 Module pump replaced
07/02/1998:Routine annual maintenance
07/01/2004:A1 Module Flow Calibration
07/01/2004:B1 Module Flow Calibration
07/01/2004:C1 Module Flow Calibration
07/01/2004:D1 Module Flow Calibration
07/01/2004:D1 Module inlet Changed from Wedding to Sierra
07/01/2004:Photos taken
07/01/2004:Routine annual maintenance
06/29/1996:Added glycerin to Module B1 denuder
06/29/1996:B1 Module pump replaced
06/29/1996:C1 Module pump replaced
06/29/1996:D1 Module pump replaced
06/29/1996:Routine annual maintenance
06/29/1996:A1 Module Flow Calibration
06/29/1996:A1 Module pump replaced
06/28/1995:Smoke from fire in the air this week
06/26/2002:A1 Module Flow Calibration
06/26/2002:A1 Module pump replaced
06/26/2002:B1 Module electronics box replaced
06/26/2002:B1 Module Flow Calibration
06/26/2002:B1 Module pump replaced
06/26/2002:C1 Module Flow Calibration
06/26/2002:D1 Module electronics box replaced
06/26/2002:D1 Module Flow Calibration
06/26/2002:D1 Module replaced
06/26/2002:Photos taken
06/26/2002:Routine annual maintenance
06/22/2004:A1 Module pump replaced
06/22/2004:B1 Module pump replaced
06/07/2002:road construction;blasting Hwy 93 below sampler
06/04/1997:logging operation 1 mile NW next two weeks
05/31/2001:Construction of new lookout until 9/28/01
05/02/2002:Road construction nearby most of summer
04/12/2004:Prescribed fire 8 miles NW of Improve
04/11/2002:Road construction nearby most of summer
03/29/2005:Prescribed fire within 2 miles of site
03/15/2005:Prescribed fire within 2 miles of site
03/04/2004:A1 Module area increased from 2.20 to 3.53 sq cm
03/01/2005:A1 Module pump replaced
03/01/2005:Prescribed fire within 2 miles of site
02/01/2002:some highway construction