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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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WRAP Technical Support System (TSS)

Project Details:
Title: WRAP Technical Support System (TSS)
Status: Active
Sponsors: Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)
Onsite (CIRA)
Tom Moore (Principal Investigator, WGA/WRAP)
Shawn McClure (Principal Investigator, CIRA)
John Huddleston (Senior Developer, CIRA)
Duli Chand (Scientist, CIRA)
In 2006, VIEWS was selected by the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP), the largest RPO administered by the Western Governors Association and the National Tribal Environmental Council, to serve as the infrastructure for the WRAP’s Technical Support System (TSS). The TSS is an extended suite of analysis and planning tools designed to help planners develop long term emissions control strategies for achieving natural visibility conditions in Class I Areas by 2064. The TSS was designed upon the foundational database and software framework developed for VIEWS, and leverages this infrastructure to provide a unique decision support system for Western states and tribes that are seeking to develop emissions control strategies and track the effectiveness of those strategies over time. The TSS also consolidates the data resources of the WRAP’s Emissions Data Management System (EDMS), Regional Modeling Center (RMC), and Fire Emissions Tracking System (FETS). The integrated systems approach that has been used to design the framework of the VIEWS/TSS allows developers to leverage and add value to these additional significant investments in data, expertise, and information technology.
The WRAP has been instrumental to the continued development VIEWS, both from a funding and planning standpoint. As the largest of the RPOs, the WRAP represents a history of almost 20 years of collaboration on the technical aspects of western air quality issues, and has established valuable precedents for air quality planning and tracking that have often been facilitated by its ongoing investment in VIEWS/TSS. This investment, bolstered by the participation and in-kind support of states, tribes, and federal agencies, has been instrumental in establishing a broad basis for developing a regional understanding of air quality issues related to environmental health, ecological and aesthetic protection of our natural areas, and dealing with climate change. The VIEWS team plans to continue working with the WRAP to evolve the VIEWS/TSS into an enterprise-level decision support system that can serve the air quality analysis and planning needs of air quality researchers worldwide.


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