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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Integrating NAAPS Data Into VIEWS/TSS (NASA ROSES 2009)

Project Details:
Title: Enabling the use of NASA and NAAPS products in the Air Quality decision-making processes involved in daily forecasting, exceptional event analysis, and development of standards
URL: ( URL pending )
Status: Active through 2012
Sponsors: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Onsite (CIRA)
Shawn McClure (Co-I/Institutional PI, CIRA)
John Huddleston (Senior Developer, CIRA)
Duli Chand (Scientist, CIRA)
Doug Westphal (Principal Investigator, NRL)
Rudy Husar (Collaborator, Washington Univ.)
The VIEWS team also won a proposal in 2008 to incorporate results from the Navy Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System (NAAPS) in collaboration with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). NAAPS, with data assimilation of NASA Earth Sciences data, produces accurate and timely quantitative forecasts and analyses of the distributions of dust and smoke that originate outside the U.S. The VIEWS team will work with NRL to add NAAPS data to VIEWS in order to provide better quantification of the influx and impact of international aerosol plumes.
The use of these data will result in more thorough identification of exceptional events, long range transport of aerosols, and better estimates of the impact of these sources on U.S. air quality. And because the transport of international aerosol plumes to the U.S. is a complicated, three-dimensional process, the combination of NAAPS data with the satellite aerosol optical depth data being added to VIEWS as part of the 2007 ROSES project will provide a unique opportunity to study the long range transport of aerosols and may also help yield improvements to air quality model inputs and boundary conditions.


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