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Denver, Colorado Arches National Park, Utah Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


The Intermountain West Data Warehouse - Western Air Quality Study (IWDW-WAQS) Project has been developed to accommodate the needs of the Cooperators for air quality planning, including planning for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analyses. The current goals of the effort include:
  • IWDW maintenance and operation;
  • periodic updates of emissions and modeling datasets that are, at a minimum, consistent with the three-year National Emission Inventory cycle;
  • operation of a high-quality ozone monitoring network that represents air quality conditions in the study area; and
  • ongoing outreach to ensure support for the Project.
The IWDW-WAQS operations include:
  • Monitoring: Ozone and Particulate Matter Monitors
  • Modeling: Emissions, Meteorology, Air Quality Modeling
  • Data Warehouse: Maintenance and Operation
  • Fiscal Management: Planning and Oversight of Funding and Budgets
  • Communication, Coordination, and Outreach
  • Implementation of MOU
The Project MOUs, on the Project Documents page, provide more detail about the Project's goals. (Access is restricted to Cooperating Agency users.)


The U.S. EPA’s role as a Cooperator is limited to providing technical assistance and advice with respect to operation, maintenance, data quality, updates to emissions and air quality modeling datasets and other technical and operational matters, as appropriate. Due to various applicable authorities, the U.S. EPA will not solicit or accept gifts of funds in connection with this project and, thus, will not participate in fundraising activities or fiscal management related to this Project.
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