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The Intermountain West Data Warehouse - Western Air Quality Study (IWDW-WAQS) provides high quality tools for understanding and assessing the effects of current and future energy development and associated emissions on air quality. It also provides a centralized platform to store and share data, reducing the uncertainty, redundancy, and resources needed for air quality project analyses.

The IWDW-WAQS contains the most robust air quality data and modeling resources on a regional scale that is endorsed by multiple regulatory and authorizing agencies, which provides an increased level of confidence in air quality analyses as a result of:
  • Data products reviewed and approved by project cooperators.
  • Agreement among regulatory and authorizing agencies on air quality analysis techniques.
  • Consistency among data formats, data quality, data updates, data collection, and analytical assumptions.
  • Streamlining a process for air quality analyses.
The resources from the study reduces the uncertainty, time, and expense of starting an air quality analysis from scratch.
  • Time-savings for future projects that utilize the Data Warehouse:
    • 1 to 2 years per project…
  • Cost-savings for projects that utilize the Data Warehouse:
    • $300,000 to $800,000 per project...
  • Projects would NOT need to generate:
    • Model Input Data for Baseline Period
    • No-Action Scenario for Future Model Simulation
    • Model Performance Evaluations
Groups positively affected by the IWDW include:
  • Oil and gas companies – Better information for air quality analysis will save money!
  • Scientists – High quality basis for research in the region.
  • Land managers – Better understanding of potential effects of projects.
  • Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts – Clearer views and easier breathing from more effective mitigation of air pollution.
  • Ozone sensitive plants – More effective protection of vegetation resources through better air quality analyses.
  • Air quality regulators – Better information for healthy air.
  • Decision-makers – Better science-based information.
  • Tax payers – Business of government is more efficient.

The IWDW-WAQS developed a flyer and presentation called "Reaching New Heights" that outlines the benefits to contractors and other groups who choose to use the IWDW-WAQS modeling platforms and analysis tools for air quality modeling studies .
  • "Reaching New Heights" presentation (*.pdf) (NOTE: Please contact us if you would like a PowerPoint version of the presentation.)
  • "Reaching New Heights" flyer (*.pdf)
Outreach Examples:
  • IWDW-WAQS Benefits poster (*.pdf)
  • MPE and Available IWDW Tools presentation (*.pdf)
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