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Overview of IMPROVE and Visibility

    IMPROVE Monitoring Program Overview
    Summary of Results from the IMPROVE Monitoring Program
    Looking Through the Atmosphere
    Introduction to Visibility Laws and Regulations


    IMPROVE Data Resources

    IMPROVE Graphic and Image Viewer
    IMPROVE Summary Data
    IMPROVE Aerosol Data
    IMPROVE Optical Data
    Monthly Relative Humidity and RH Correction Factors

    Quality Assurance for the IMPROVE Network

    History of Network Changes
    Monitoring Network Updates
    Overview of QA/QC Procedures
    Aerosol QA/QC Standard Operating Procedures
    Optical QA/QC Standard Operating Procedures
    NPS' Additional Operation Procedures

    Special Studies and Other Data Resources

    Big Bend Regional Aerosol and Visibility Observational Study (BRAVO)
    Southeastern Aerosol and Visibility Study (SEAVS)
    Measurement of Haze and Visual Effects (MOHAVE)
    The Pacific Northwestern Regional Visibility Experiment Using Natural Tracers (PREVENT)
    The Winter Haze Intensive Tracer Experiment (WHITEX)
    Class I area Web Cams

Data Analysis Tools and Algorithms 

    Visibility/Haze Matrix
    Standard Aerosol - Type Equations
    Reconstruction Light Extinction from Aerosol Measurement
    Relative Humidity Correction Factors
    Group 10, 50, 90 Visibility Indices
    Calculation Regional Haze Baseline
    Calculating Aerosol Data Completeness
    Win Haze
    Visual Plume

IMPROVE Publications

    IMROVE Reports

    Spatial and Seasonal Patterns  and Temporal Variability of Haze and its constituents in  the United States: Report III (2000)  
    Spatial and Seasonal Patterns and Long Term Variability of the Composition of the Haze in the United States: An Analysis of Data from the IMPROVE Network, 1996 (1996)
    Spatial and Temporal Patterns and the Chemical Composition of 
the Haze in the United States: An Analysis of Data from the IMPROVE   Network, 1988 to 1991 (1993)

    IMPROVE Newsletters 
    IMPROVE Standard Operating Protocols

    Optical Monitoring (ARS) 
    Carbon Analysis (DRI) 
    Practical Monitoring Network (UCD)

    Other IMPROVE Publications

    Principle Visibility and Aerosol Documents

    Visibility: Existing and Historical Conditions - Causes and Effects 
(NAPAP (Low))

    Visibility: Existing and Historical Conditions - Causes and Effects
(NAPAP (High)
    NRC Report
    Protecting Visibility: An EPA Report to Congress

    Special Studies
    Urban Visibility Special Studies


    Big Bend Regional Aerosol and Visibility Observational Study (BRAVO)

    BRAVO Report

    Southeastern Aerosol and Visibility Study (SEAVS)

    SEAVS Report

    Measurement of Haze and Visual Effects (MOHAVE)

    MOHAVE Report

    The Pacific Northwestern Regional Visibility Experiment Using Natural 
Tracers (PREVENT)

    PREVENT Report

    The Winter Haze Intensive Tracer Experiment (WHITEX)

    The Mt. ZIRKEL Visibility Study (ZIRKEL)

    ZIRKEL Reports

    The Navaho Generating Station Visibility Study (NGS)

    NGS Report

Education Material on Visibility Science and Regulations

    Introduction to Visibility
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Glossary of Terms

    Haze Definition
    Plume Blight Definition

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