IMPROVE Publications

Publications about the IMPROVE Monitoring program and IMPROVE data analysis results.   These publications include those from the IMPROVE program as well as documents generated from others that used the IMPROVE data in the analysis.  

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IMPROVE Aerosol Quality Management Plan (QMP) - The Quality Management Plan (QMP) for the environmental data operations of the Aerosol Monitoring Network component of the IMPROVE Visibility Monitoring Program. This QMP  outlines the roles of organizations involved in the IMPROVE Aerosol Monitoring Network.

IMPROVE Aerosol Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) - This QAPP was developed by Crocker Nuclear Laboratory to document the quality assurance and quality control activities of the IMPROVE Aerosol monitoring network.

  IMPROVE Reports - Approximately every three years an IMPROVE report is produced analyzing the measured data in support of the IMPROVE Objectives.

  IMPROVE Calendars

  IMPROVE Newsletters - Quarterly Newsletters are published to provide up-to-date information on the IMPROVE program to participants and interested parties. The Newsletters are also a forum for feature articles related to visibility monitoring, data analysis, and policy issues.

  IMPROVE Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - The IMPROVE network follows strict protocols that have been peer reviewed.  In depth documentation of these protocols are provided in the Following SOPs.  See the Overview section of this website for a summary of the IMPROVE network and operating protocols.

  IMPROVE Gray Literature - A collection of ad-hoc analyses, reports and presentations conducted by members of the IMPROVE program and others.  These documents contain important  information concerning the monitoring, filter analysis, and data analysis that have not been formally published elsewhere.

Annual Report - Aerosol Collection and Compositional Analysis for IMPROVE - Annual reports from the Air Quality Group of Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, University of California, Davis (UC Davis), on the operation of the particulate component of the NPS/IMPROVE visibility monitoring program for each year from 2002 to the present.

  Workshops - Presentations and summaries from workshops involving the IMPROVE program

  EPRI Reports on Aerosol and Visibility

  Principle Visibility and Aerosols Documents - Significant publications covering visibility and aerosol science, monitoring and regulations.

  Special Studies in Class I Areas - Reports and peer reviewed articles from the special monitoring studies conducted in class I areas.

 Regional Haze Guidance Documents- The Environmental Protection Agency, Draft Report, Reference Document for Regional Haze Tracking Progress Guidance is found here.